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Torque Up, Pedal Down
Your Polaris RZR has untapped power hidden right there in your engine, and all you need to get it out is a SuperATV Transmission Gear Reduction Kit. Your transmission is responsible for converting your engines power into horsepower and torque. Our 12-38% gear reductions boost your torque for better acceleration and more power to the ground®. That’s what Gear Driven Performance is all about.

Stage 2 Gear Set
Get our Stage 2 gear set to get a 12% or 25% gear reduction based on your model. 12% gear reductions are awesome for getting a boost to your torque and acceleration whether you’re running stock tires or tires that are a few inches bigger. If you’re going with even bigger tires, a 25% gear reduction will take back your torque so you always have power when you need it.

Stage 3 Gear Set
Our Stage 3 gear set gets you a flat 13% gear reduction no matter what model you’re running. That’s a perfect torque boosting reduction for a modest tire upgrade even for models that come with a reduction from the factory.

Combine Stages for a Bigger Gear Reduction
Looking for more? Our Stage 2 and Stage 3 gear reductions can be used in the same transmission at the same time for a 25% or 38% gear reduction. If you’re looking to roll on monster tires and do wheelies too, combining gear reductions is the way to go. You’ll have torque to ride through anything you want on anything you want.


SATV Part #% ReductionReplaces OEM Part #
  Stage 2 GearsStage 3 Gears
GRK-1-33-00112%3235381 & 3235380NA
25%3235229 & 3235224NA
GRK-1-33-00212%3235229 & 3235224NA
GRK-P-RAN1K-1213%NA3235223 & 3235236
GRK-1-33-001 & GRK-P-RAN1K-1225%3235381 & 32353803235223 & 3235236
38%3235229 & 32352243235223 & 3235236
GRK-1-33-002 & GRK-P-RAN1K-1225%3235229 & 32352243235223 & 3235236


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